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Got a gaming pc?? Worried about heat? Do you want more fps on your game with you current pc? Entry level full custom liquid cooling solution is created by CP to give you an affordable liquid cooling solution to your pc, eliminate overheating brought about by 24 hour continous gaming and rendering works. This loop will cool both CPU and Graphics Card re gardless of the model. improve your overclock for an even faster FPS and performance!! Look cool and stay out of the ordinary! this loop will glow in the dark when paired with our UV LED strip light.. Now Thats performance and looks combined in a cheap and affordable package!! This loop is compatible with all graphics card model and motherboard socket.

Hard tubes and Soft Tubes Available Options


CP Entry Level Full Custom PC Liquid Cooling Solution Kit

CP has designed cheap and reliable parts that are effective and works best with your gaming pc components. This upgrade is compatible with:

All intel based processor: LGA Sockets (Old and New)

All AMD based processor: (Old and New)

All NVIDIA AND ATI Graphics Cards (Old or New)

-Eliminate Overheating

-Full liquid Custom loop  (CPU+GPU)

-Liquid Cool for lower temperatures

-Better Overclocking Headroom

-Prolong the Life of your Gaming Hardware parts

-Amazing Results

-Works on SLI and Crossfire set up

-Looks amazing under UV light

This is a package service, parts and labour are included.


CPU block (all socket)

GPU block (All models)

Reservoir (Liquid Tank)

Radiator 240mm


Clear Tube

Fans 120m

Coolant (RED,Blue,GREEN UV)

You can Upgrade your CPU or GPU anytime and it will still be compatible to this cooling System

Actual results: