GameMax GE-600 80+ 600w Power Supply


GameMax ECO Gamer range power supplies are a great choice if you are building a home or office system as a mainstream model, APFC,80% efficiency for power saving and a single +12V rail for extreme CPU/GPU power consumption. Good DC quality with lower ripple and noise and fully protected functions are used to guard your components in the system.


GameMax GE-600 80+ 600w Power Supply

Key Features

  • Elegant black PSU casing with full black mesh cables
  • ATX12V Ver.2.30 compliant with ATX12V Ver.2.31
  • High efficiency PSU, 80+ APFC,up to 85% efficiency
  • Single 12V Rail for high compatibility and extreme high current output
  • Longer 20 + 4 and 4 + 4 pins up to 550mm is easy for high-end tower chassis installation
  • 12cm silent black fan with smart thermal fan speed control circuit
  • Full protection functions with OVP / UVP / OPP / SCP / SIP /OCP
  • Safety and EMC certified by CE
  • ECO friendly by RoHS and Erp 2013 directives

PSU Specifications



GameMax20+4 Pin Main Connectors:


GameMax4+4 Pin 12V Connectors:


GameMaxSATA Connectors:


GameMax4-Pin Molex Connectors:


GameMax6+2 Pin PCI-e Connectors: